How to Train a Dog to Lie Down

You need to train your dog to lie dow? Below article will show you how to train in a properly and effective way.

Tips for training your dog to lie down

1. Train your dog only when you’re in the mood for it. You should be fresh and ready during a training session with your dog. If you’re not feeling well or are too busy, you might not be able to devote the necessary energy to a training session. Especially if your dog is young, he may be disobedient. If you’re in a bad mood, you might end up yelling at your dog, which will turn the training session into a negative experience

2. Select an appropriate environment. The training environment should be an area that the dog is comfortable with that is relatively free from distractions. (a room indoors can be an ideal place)

3. Plan on short training sessions. You’ll need to practice it consistently with your dog and should be accomplished in five- to 10-minute training increments, two to three times per day. A successful “stay” occurs when your dog does not move at all from the original position. When training, start with one to two second periods of staying and work your way up to several minutes.

4. Know what rewards your dog likes most. Training will involve a lot of positive feedback. For dogs, this is usually some kind of treat. Find out what your dog likes and make that the reward for a good training session.

5. Once your dog becomes an expert, you won’t have to give a treat each time. It’s a good idea to give treats occasionally in order to reinforce the behavior.

6. Teach your dog to sit first. When training your dog to stay, you’ll usually have him start in the sitting position. An obvious prerequisite would be to make sure he knows the command to sit. Read Teach Your Dog to Sit to take care of this step.

Teaching Your Dog to Lie Down

1. Get the dog to sit. It’s easier to train a dog to lie down after he already knows the “sit” command. When he’s in the sitting position, bring the treat close to his nose again. If he gets excited and springs back up because of the treat, step back again and get him back into the sit position before continuing. Once he’s steady in the sit position, kneel or squat down to get closer to his level.

2. Say the cue “Down”. This is very important to do absolutely every time, because eventually you will train the dog to lie down without any treats and only with this command.

3. Lure the dog into a lying down position. While you’re squatting, move the treat down to the floor right in between his front legs. He should follow the treat to the floor with his nose. Once his nose is to the floor, bring the treat back out along the floor toward you.

  • If the dog pops up while luring him down, quickly snatch the treat away. Then immediately ask him to sit again, and start the luring process over again.

4. Put your hand gently on his shoulder. This should deter him from getting back up and walking toward the treat. As you inch the treat along the floor, he should glide down to the floor too. The entire motion of luring is an “L” shape with your hand.

5. Try this trick if he’s reluctant. Sit down in front of him with him on either your left or right side. Put your legs out along the floor, then raise them up so they look like a tent. Slowly move the treat down to the floor and then under your legs as he’s sniffing it. Move it out under your legs so he has to crouch down under them to get to it.

  • Remember, don’t allow him to have the treat until he lies down. He will get confused about what it is you’re asking him to do.

6. ”Catch” him in the behavior. If your dog is particularly resistant to the luring technique, you can reward “catching” him lying down on his own. Simply stand with your dog in a room and wait for him to lie down.

  • The instant his body hits the floor, say “down,” use your clicker and throw a treat a few feet in front of him. He’ll have to stand up to go get the treat, so then you just wait for him to lie down again.
  • Repeat the sequence until he seems to start connecting “down” with what you want him to do.

7. Praise the dog and let him eat the treat immediately when he lies down. Say “Yes!” or “Good dog!” and then give the treat (or click the clicker). The moment his elbows, rear end, and belly touch the floor, that’s when you give the praise and the treat – not before!

8. Give a release command.You can say, “Ok!” or “Up!” and then clap your hands or take some steps backward to get him to stand up.

9. Repeat.After he stands back up, repeat these steps immediately 5-15 times after he gets it the first time, depending on what his attention span allows. This much repetition in the beginning will help him to remember what to do.

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